Equipment cleaning 

Your HVAC equipment requires proper care & regular maintenance to work properly, maintain efficiency, ensure its longevity & most importantly, cut down on unnecessary repair costs.

Why Maintain Equipment? 
Do you take your car for an oil change? Your heating & cooling equipment is also a machine requiring care!

  • protect your investment

  • uphold integrity of the unit

  • decrease unnecessary breakdowns and costs 

  • ensure you are upholding warranty terms

  • lower utility costs 

  • reduce equipment replacement costs 

  • keep tenants/occupants happy 


How Much Will A Cleaning Cost Me?

All pricing is based on the assumption regular maintenance is completed. Cost may increase if additional time is required for equipment that has not been serviced in years.

  • Furnace Cleaning – $115.00+HST (may vary depending on accessibility)

  • Air Conditioner Cleaning – $115.00+HST

  • Rooftop Unit Cleaning – $125.00+HST (per section - heating OR cooling)

  • Unit Heater Cleaning – $115+HST (may vary depending on accessibility)

Additional Equipment:

  • Radiant Heaters

  • Air Handlers

  • Ductless AC Systems

  • Humidifiers

  • Fireplaces


We recommend changing your furnace filters a minimum of twice per year. It is VERY common for commercial spaces to require more frequent filter changes.
These items can be purchased through Sipco at any time or added to your service & brought to your clean-out appointment.