On-Site Furnace Oil Delivery 

Automatic Delivery

  • fuel automatically delivered based on our internal schedule

Will-Call Delivery

  • call our office to schedule a delivery 

COD (Cash-on-Delivery)

  • new customers always welcome! (cash, cheque or credit upon delivery)

Minimum Delivery - 450 litres
If you require a delivery less than 450 litres, a $35.00+HST delivery charge will be added to your bill.

TSSA Certified Tank Inspections

Standard Cost: $95.00+HST
Inspections must be completed every 10 years.
New customers MUST have a tank inspection conducted before fuel delivery.

Oil Furnaces

  • full installation services for new oil furnaces

  • brand & model dependent on your current equipment 

Oil to Gas Conversions

Do you currently have an oil furnace & are looking to switch to gas?
You've come to the right place!
Click Here for more information on how to get started.