oil to gas conversions

Are you looking to switch from oil to gas heating? You're in the right place - we offer both oil and gas services! 

Gas Application 

We will file it for you!

  • Do you have a gas meter? Is your allowance sufficient for the equipment you wish to install? If not, a gas application will have to be filed before a time-frame is given for your meter installation & equipment installation.

  • This process could take a few months & be quite costly. Make sure you have budgeted for the time & financials before getting started! 

Oil Equipment Removal 
The removal of your existing oil equipment will be included in your conversion quotation. No need to go looking elsewhere for a removal company! 
Do you already have a gas furnace & are just looking to remove an old oil tank? We can help with that too!


For any questions or to get started, contact us at the button below or call us at 416.232.2262.