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Replacement Lamp for Swordfish UV 36W Unit 

This product is specifically engineered to work with Swordfish UV's 36W whole home air purifier.

Product details:

  • Compatible with Whole Home Air Purifier UVA36WB.
  • Destroys 99.9% of all airborne viruses and bacteria in your home.
  • Powerful UVC technology that’s 3X STRONGER.
  • Powerful 36W lamp emits UVC light to destroy viruses and microorganisms at the molecular level.
  • Ultraviolet wavelength of 254 nm for scientifically-proven air purification.
  • UVC lamp lasts approximately 1 year (~10,000 hours)
  • Ozone-free and energy-efficient
  • Easy to install and replace in just minutes.
  • Swordfish UVC lamp length is 15.93".
  • Model #UVC36WLR (previously #UVA36WLR.  Same product with new model #)

Please note, Swordfish UV Air Purification System lamps may still carry the UVA product code. Rest assured, both UVA and the updated UVC product codes are fully compatible with our system. 

Swordfish 36W UVC Replacement Lamp


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