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Whether you are looking to have a rooftop unit installed, repaired or maintained, we can help. 
We Service All Makes & Models. 

Heat-Cool Rooftop Units
- provide both heating and cooling to your office space or building 
- require maintenance on both sections of the unit

Cool-Only Rooftop Units 
- provide cooling only

- often used in areas with space heating such as unit or radiant heaters, as well as businesses requiring additional cooling 

The biggest issue we come across when called our for commercial service calls, is plugged filters in rooftop units. Ensuring you are changing your filters at adequate intervals is integral for the longevity and efficiency of your unit. Without a clean filter, proper air flow isn't being circulating and you can overwork the motor. This can lead to very costly and unnecessary repairs. 

Commercial Annual Maintenance Plans 
Remembering to call in and have your rooftop filters changed is not always on the top of everyone's mind. We offer Commercial Maintenance Plans to help eliminate one thing from your to-do list and ensure your equipment is properly maintained. 

Landlords - Protect your investment! We work with countless landlords who want to ensure the equipment they pay to install and will have to pay to repair is properly maintained. It is important to protect your investment rather than leaving maintenance up to the discretion of your tenants and being left with the costly repairs! 

Tenants - Check your lease! It is common for tenants to be responsible for maintaining their HVAC equipment. Repairs and replacement can be VERY costly - in the many thousands! Not upholding the maintenance terms in your lease can be an easy bargaining tool when looking at who is responsible for the more costly stuff.

Maintenance Plan Benefits 

  • Cost - we don't charge more for our Annual Maintenance Plans! Whether you call us to come inspect and clean a rooftop unit, or we are coming as part of your pre-planned service, the cost to you will be the same. 

  • Peace of Mind - no need to write when a filter change is due in your calendar (or forget to), we will remember for you 

  • Legalities! - proof that maintenance is completed on an annual basis with a history to boot (that YOU don't have to worry about tracking!)
    This is great when selling a commercial space or enticing new tenants. Buyers that notice old, neglected equipment will be factoring in the replacement or renovation costs, depreciating your value; similarly, proof of maintenance is a great tool for enticing new tenants, showing all their air flow needs will be taken care of. We recommend building this into the cost of their lease.  

If you have maintenance staff looking after your rooftop unit by changing filters regularly, you can buy filters in bulk from us. 

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