Why Install A Garage Heater?

January 20, 2020



Are you using your garage to store personal belongings? Is it a workshop or a gym? Do you have a retro car you store or do you ACTUALLY use it to park your everyday car? No matter how you use your garage, there are benefits to having it heated - beyond just being plain happy to get into a warm car in the dead of winter!

That brings us to Number 1... 

1. It Keeps You and Your Belongings Warm 
 The obvious one! There will no longer be a need to keep the garage door open while you warm up your car. No more running outside in your slippers and the freezing cold to quickly turn the car on and run back inside as it warms up. In addition, any snow that may accumulate on your car during its travels will melt right off in a heated garage, starting easier in the morning. 

2. It Is Safer For Your Home 
Tying in to our first point - it is common to warm up your car in a garage before starting your day in the colder months. Although opening the garage door is one way to prevent emissions being trapped, it doesn't prevent them from entering into the house if you have an attached garage. Installing a heater that will eliminate the 'warm up your car' step from your daily winter routine is a safer option. 

3. Bonus Room! 
Have you ever dreamed of having your own wood-working shop or at home gym? Do you or your kids have a hobby that your home just doesn't have room to accommodate? Increase the square footage of your home by turning your garage into that dream space! Build a gym or a dance studio. Add flooring, soundproofing and have band-practice every day! With a garage heater, the coldest of winter months or during that unexpected April ice-storm no longer have to stop you from your favourite activities.  


4. They Are Increasingly Affordable
Supply and Demand! More & more people are heating their garages and getting that extra space out of their home. With the demand comes an increase of supply and luckily greater affordability for homeowners. 


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