Do I Need To Change My Furnace Filter?

August 27, 2019


Filters should be checked a minimum of twice a year. Our technicians check your filters as part of every Sipco cleaning/maintenance call.

Step One: Locate the access panel on the outside of the furnace.
The access panel will be below the return-air duct, between the blower system and the duct. Open this door to access the interior of the furnace. You may need to unscrew the panel from the furnace or remove it from hooks that hold it in place.

Step Two: Remove the filter by pulling it up or towards you and out of the tracks.

Step Three: Inspect the filter for dirt or damage.
If the filter appears dirty with grey dust or dirt, it needs to be replaced or cleaned.

Disposable Filter
- purchase a replacement filter of the same type or model
*you can purchase filters for pickup here or call/e-mail us! 

Reusable Filter
- remove any loose dirt before cleaning; water or other liquid can make it difficult to remove the dirt once wet
- follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your specific furnace filter

Step Four: Place the new or newly cleaned filter back into the furnace the same way you removed it. Make sure any arrows on the filter are facing TOWARD the furnace, not you!

*TIP!  We always recommend writing the date on your filter! This makes it much easier to keep track of how long filters last in your home.

Note: every home has different filter requirements and may need changing more often than the twice a year recommendation. 
In my bedroom condo and having a cat I am changing my heat pump filter once every month and a half! 



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